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Case is a cross-border German-Dutch project. is a platform for German – Dutch professionals where they can find information, German and Dutch news and are able to connect, share information and participate.

Client Goal was to build a strong new online brand in the professional Dutch and German business domain. An automated newsletter, Facebook and Twitter profiles support the platform. In the next phase our client will focus on offline activities like events and print publications, combining online and offline.

Case is a community platform for young woman in the age between 14 and 25 years. Main component on mydailybasics is video content, shared from YouTube, Vimeo and/or Dailymotion.

Content subjects are related to the community and the visitors; video’s with tips on beauty and make-up, travel, muziek, film and idols. Main producers are vloggers that are followed by and role models for the community.

The platform is optimized for mobile devices.


CostaExclusives is a concept around exclusive Real Estate in Spain at the Spanish Costas. Because of the recession that hit the Spanish Real Estate market very hard, a concept like is likely to succeed. brings together the most exlsive properties and focusses on English speaking comunities outside Spain. Spanish Real Estate agents and companies can upload their finest projects and bring it to the attention of English speaking potential clients.


On we share every day new (and old) shortfilms and where we connect filmmakers with filmfans. Why? Because we like film, especially shortfilms. Additionally we offer filmmakers a platform for extra exposure by showing their films and attending email interviews.

There are Facebook and Twitter social profiles a daily newsletter ‘The Daily Short‘ to keep the fan community informed.

Challenge us to design a contentplaftfom for your community!


Build a database with 12 million A-brand products, setup 100 dedicated niche webshops and create the longest shopping street.


Reading about trains and looking at pics is nice for train fans. But it’s better to see trains in motion. is a German video content plaftform with videos from all over the world.


Following the news is time costly. The platform gathers RSS based news from many sources and creates Newsmails. Users can select their own news categories or themes. The platform now focusses Dutch general news, politics, tech and culture. It’s easy to transfer for other markets and languages.


The CoolCarCollective platforms want to inform people who drive, buy, lease, collect and share cars. CoolCarCollective does not sell cars and does not advice brands. We ‘just’ want to share all video from all brands. The portfolio:, In development at the moment: Offroad24x7, Camper24x7 and TruckVideo24x7.

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