OnlineTalentLab believes connecting talent and collaborating on projects is key. This results in us working together with many specialized online professionals all over the world. We started several close collaborations on partner projects like HostingJournalist, Modellbau360 and NRlive. And work together with partner companies mediamixx GmbH and Codica on various individual projects.


Partner project is a leading global technology news portal focusing on cloud, (web) hosting and data center services with readers around the globe enjoying our news articles and video feeds. The HostingJournalist team shares content in the form of interviews and blogs from key figures in the hosting industry and does live reporting at the biggest hosting related events.


Partner project is a platform that brings together all the information scale modelling enthusiasts should know. Scale modelling experts provide builders with reviews of modelling kits, tips and tricks for putting together a model, the real thing a model is based on and specials of how the most interesting models should be put together. The platform also keeps readers up to date with news and the most important events in de scale modelling world.


Partner project is an online platform focused on the Niederrhein area. This region is full of things to do for tourists and locals, but often people are not aware of what there is to do in the cities and their surroundings. The NRlive editorial team publishes local news stories and current events in the region focused on sports, fun, kids and lifestyle. NRlive is a great information source for people looking to visit the Niederrhein area and an amazing platform for local businesses to promote their products and services to their target audience.

Partner company

Partner company