The Works

Content platforms – Content platforms are mainly news driven and are used to provide readers relevant information on a daily basis. The platforms that OnlineTalentLab delivers are based on news posts by the editors of that platform and further enriched with video’s, social media feeds and industry events. Any content produced on the platform is then pushed out by accompanying social media channels and newsletters.

Video curation websites – There are many ideas and business that could benefit from a website with a curated selection of videos. The video curation websites we deliver automatically post videos from video channels selected by you. Because the videos are embedded on the website you don’t have to worry about copyright, since the creator of the video still benefits from the views and ad revenue even though the video is watched on your website. If you want to bring together all matches of your favorite sport or want to have all recipe videos in one place for your food business look no further and contact us for the possibilities.

Directory websites – A directory website can be very helpful to display a number of business, events or people based on location. A directory is filled with data and is then searchable via name, region, city and tags. The markers on the map can have more detailed information about the business or activity. Directory websites can be especially helpful to present franchise locations in a country or showing activities in a city for example.

Content Aggregator – If your business has a writing team you will find out that they have to filter an endless amount of information to find the right sources for their stories. To aid in this process and save time on researching OnlineTalentLab has developed HooverXL. This tool brings together all the sources your writers need and presents them in an easy to use dashboard. No more hours and hours on Google, but an information library tailored to your business with industry news feeds from websites, Youtube and social media. Take a look at HooverXL – For better informed employees.

Digital publishing – We utilize several online tools to give our clients an attractive way to publish and promote their products and services online. This ranges from combining a number of blogposts into an e-book to a full blown interactive online magazine. Take a look on Mediakit.Studio for examples and an overview of our digital publishing options.