Trends online

Knowing about trends online and offline are key to create and build your vision and therefor your strategy. When we see new trends we write them down in notes which you find on this page. Hope you think this is usefull, don’t hesitate to share your vision and trends with us. Maybe it will end up in something great!

Mobile will completely dominate desktop

2015 was a big year for mobile — not only did Google announce that mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic in 10 different countries, it was also the year they released the “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update to phase out sites not optimized for mobile.

Wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) will pave new ground

While not quite to the level of virtual reality, wearable ‘smart’ devices should start gaining more traction into 2016.

Content marketing dominates

Content Marketing In stitute’s Amanda Maksymiw sums it up nicely: “Traditional advertising shouts at prospect customers whereas content marketing talks with them.” As mobile and social media marketing take over traditional advertising, the demand for platform – specific content is hotter than ever.

Interactive content

The days of one-sided content experiences are coming to a close. Traditional content involves such a one-way interaction; you produce a swath of material, a reader consumes it, and the transaction is done. Interactive content changes based on user inputs, personalizing and diversifying the experience.

Cyber insecurity

Growing cyber security issues will challenge governments and businesses while simultaneously empowering and dislocating individual citizens. In 2016, cyber espionage and attacks by state actors will continue, but attribution will remain difficult. The tug-of-war over privacy vs. surveillance and security will continue, as citizens persist in distrusting their governments on this issue

Growth of WebRTC

WebRTC enables Real Time Communication between web browsers and mobile applications without the need for plug-ins or other apps. It is the foundation for quality communication via the web and enables audio, text, and video chat in addition to file sharing. Corporations with consumer facing websites will be able to leverage WebRTC to implement click-to-call functionality. Calls would then connect over the Internet which in turn has the potential to reduce toll free calling usage costs. This is just one simple example that demonstrates the incredible potential of WebRTC.

Images, data visualisations and infographics

As websites launch or re-launch across the sector, one thing is crystal clear: they are no longer driven by text, but images, infographics, (data) visualisations and video.

Cognitive networks, BigData

Processing and analyzing big data and presenting insights in a timely fashion are becoming a reality with advanced analytics to understand the environment, to interpret events, and to act on them. This is a positive development that helps unleash the intelligence in communication systems where networks are no longer labeled “dumb pipes” but as smart cognitive networks.

Businesses Get Smart With Influencer Marketing

Times have changed and consumers are no longer solely looking to companies for an answer. Today, consumers on social media spend more time than ever looking to fellow consumers who they trust.

Customer Journey

Explore with ease consumer behaviour across the different marketing channels and improve your online performance. The modern customer journey is complex. So it’s important to focus on the key moments that can help inspire people to buy your product or service. Make sure all touchpoints are optimized.