Where do you go today?

Disruptive Innovation

  • Markets change rapidly
  • New companies, new concepts, new markets, new networks: disruption
  • Keep an eye on developments, Time To Market is essential as competition never sleeps
  • We develop concepts that will surprise customers and competition

Observe & Analyse

  • Outsiders offer valuable and strategic information
  • Analyse the client’s journey and observe current moves
  • No big reports, information and data that should be used immediately
  • Better clever together than smart alone, act, don’t react

Trends & Timing

  • Trends can be predicted, timing is key to be succesfull
  • Quality ‘moving’ content is King
  • Creating content involves creative angles, in-depth journalism and diligent work of editors, producing rich content is a profession
  • Work with experts in different markets, cross-border

Create & Develop

  • Generate new ideas, create surprising concepts, act lean
  • Work with the community; test and optimize
  • Share knowledge and work together to achieve successful projects
  • Select the best partners to achieve results
  • Inspire clients to be more successful

Connect & Surprise

Share & Combine

Online & Offline

Idea – Prototype – Transfer


Everyone has got a talent. Connecting talent with talent is what we like do.

In our work and projects we develop together with partners new and surprising concepts that are efficient and surprising for our stakeholders.

The online world changes fast, so why do everything yourselves. So sharing is our credo, unconventional, innovative and mobile first.


We generate ideas, for your branche and for your company. We also create concepts around these ideas or show you some examples.

A great concept may result in a lean prototype. Prototypes are here to be tested and matched with a companies’ strategy and brand.

We want our prototypes to act as  a catalyst in your organisation and inspire your team. The V1.0 prototype weill be handed over to your organisation, including codes, copyrights, licenses and knowledge. You decide how to proceed.

The Flow ideation, concept, script, prototype, test, launch and transfer


We believe the following areas are next and here to stay

Video Content Platforms, Web & Tech Dev, Bots, Integrated Social, Curation & Syndication, The sharing economy, sustainability, online trading. Communities and connecting online and offline services. So these areas have our special interest.


We act where our passion is and that is in the following markets. Obviously we’re happy to participate in projects in other markets as well.

Entertainment & Leisure (music, film, publishing), New Tech, Marketing & Communication, Automotive, Trade, Financial Services, Industry.


The Works.

OnlineTalentLab brings together 50+ years of strategic business management, marketing & PR, IT, social, offline and online publishing, content & database Management, fun, great ideas, inspiration and innovation.

At a global scale crossing bounderies and multilangual teams on different continents.

Check out The Works to find out more.

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